drea’s technology writing

client: BOCA
date: 2011-present
role: ghostwriting
magazine articles
writing public relations
content such as
press releases,
case studies
and white papers

BOCA Communications is a San Francisco-based boutique PR firm that serves clients in the technology and biotech industries. The agency develops custom-tailored PR programs for clients that land them on national- and international media radar.

As a senior writer for BOCA, I interview clients and partners to learn the story they want to tell, and craft that information into newsworthy bylines (ghostwritten magazine articles), case studies, press releases, whitepapers, Web content and more. As a ghostwriter, it is my job to adopt the voice, tone and thought process of clients. I combine that with my background in magazine writing in order to write stories that are interesting to readers and journalists. As part of my job, I handle a fair amount of just-in-time PR, so I’ve cultivated the ability to quickly educate myself on technical products and services. Working with BOCA, I have helped more than 15 startups create thought-leadership identities and magazine articles that have been picked up by the national media.


client: Hewlett Packard/
Federated Media
date: 2012
role: writing
tech articles
for Input Output,
sponsored by HP and
Federated Media

HP Input Output was a resource project that HP ran in order to educate users about business and technology. HP focused on providing well-written and entertaining articles, many by journalists who are leaders in their field. I was fortunate to have had the chance to write about who sees your private information online, location-based technologies and computer skills that non-techies should have.


client: Google
date: 2003-2005
role: Blogger
Coordinator and
AdWords Coordinator

I worked at Google and was able to take on a number of exciting responsibilities.

As Blogger Coordinator, I directed the writing team for Blogger Support and trained new coordinators. I wrote an external marketing campaign for bloggers entitled 101 Ways to Use Your Blog. I also created a large internal Blogger ad campaign and managed legal and policy issues for Blogger.com. In addition, I managed an extensive customer support knowledge base and supported Blogger clients by troubleshooting technical issues in both German and English.

As AdWords Coordinator , I provided customized support to clients, such as NPR and NexTag, so that they could optimize their advertising efforts. I also helped them troubleshoot existing advertising campaigns, specifically by resolving technical, billing and ROI problems. I optimized the ad copy and keywords for clients as well.


client: Zend
date: 2012-present
role: writing
case studies,
press releases
and ghostwritten
magazine articles

Zend pic
Zend provides tools for developers who work in the PHP language, which the company helped establish. Zend Server is the leading application platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical applications in PHP. Zend Studio 10 enables programmers to develop and maintain their PHP code faster, solve application problems more quickly, take advantage of the cloud and improve team collaboration. In addition, Zend runs Zendcon, the biggest annual gathering of PHP developers.

I’ve written a number of case studies and press releases for Zend, as well as helped craft bylines. Working with Zend has given me the opportunity to customize my writing to speak to the ever-changing and technical needs of both the development and operations teams.


client: Lingotek
date: 2011-2013
role: writing
case studies,
press releases,
and bylines
(ghostwritten magazine

Lingotek logo
Lingotek provides a collaborative translation technology that combines crowdsourcing, machine translation and professional translation in an on-demand, in-workflow solution. The end result is a set of accurate and quality-assured translations in a fraction of the time of professional translations. I wrote case studies, bylines and press releases for the company.


client: Crowd Supply
date: 2013
role: driving
content strategy,
writing customer profiles,
press releases
and bylines (ghostwritten magazine

Crowd Supply is a crowdfunding site that is focused on incubating products. Once a product is funded, Crowd Supply offers logistical support, fulfillment and e-commerce services. By supporting products all the way through the manufacturing phase, the company not only launches a product, but a sustainable business.

Crowd Supply’s launch landed the company in TechCrunch, Forbes, Inc., Engadget and other big publications in the tech sector. I wrote multiple press releases for the launch, as well as bylines. As the head writer for this account, I continue to write an engaging stream of media-engaging content.