drea’s ghostwriting

client: BOCA
date: 2011-present
role: ghostwriting
magazine articles
writing public relations
content such as
press releases,
case studies
and white papers

BOCA Communications is a San Francisco-based boutique PR firm that serves clients in the technology and biotech industries. The agency develops custom-tailored PR programs for clients that land them on national- and international media radar.

As a senior writer for BOCA, I interview clients and partners to learn the story they want to tell, and craft that information into newsworthy bylines (ghostwritten magazine articles), case studies, press releases, whitepapers, Web content and more. As a ghostwriter, it is my job to adopt the voice, tone and thought process of clients. I combine that with my background in magazine writing in order to write stories that are interesting to readers and journalists. As part of my job, I handle a fair amount of just-in-time PR, so I’ve cultivated the ability to quickly educate myself on technical products and services. Working with BOCA, I have helped more than 15 startups create thought-leadership identities and magazine articles that have been picked up by the national media.