drea’s food & health writing

project: Natural Health
date: 2008-2009
role: Wrote articles
about natural remedies,
including diet, herbs
and Ayurvedic solutions

Natural Health
Natural Health covers “healthy eating, green living, the mind/body connection and fitness.” I wrote a number of articles for the magazine, on topics ranging from the health benefits of mint to shirodhara and animal therapy.


project: Delicious
Living Magazine
date: 2008-2010
role: Wrote articles
about the environment,
supplements and
healthy living

Delicious Living is a resource for natural product and supplement reviews, dietary advice, trends in health and healthy recipes. I wrote several articles for Delicious Living, as well as copy-edited and fact-checked for the magazine. Among other topics, I helped readers understand the complexities of corn, choose the right probiotic and select spices for their Ayurvedic type.


project: Living Without Magazine
date: 2009-2010
role: Wrote feature
articles about
food intolerances

Readers with food allergies and sensitivities turn to Living Without as a resource for recipes, research and tips for eating in a way that doesn’t trigger them. The magazine predominantly focuses on gluten-free foods. It also covers medical research and health trends. I wrote about integrative medical clinics and hidden additives in beer and wine for them. Here’s another article I wrote about wine, for the magazine Wine Enthusiast.


project: DiningOut Magazine
date: 2009-2010
role: Crafted a series
of short interviews
with nationally
renowned chefs

DiningOut is a guide, published in 17 cities across America, that covers local restaurants, dining trends, bargains and new innovations in cuisine. I interviewed several chefs for the magazine, including Ryan Artim. The interviews appeared in the DiningOut Denver/Boulder edition.