drea’s business writing

client: Business Pundit
date: 2008-2011
role: content
editorial direction,
social media,
content strategy

Business Pundit is a business blog that covers everything from marketing tips to economic corruption. Between 2008-2011, I was in charge of content production and editorial direction for the blog. Tasked with creating and curating better content, we grew our visitor base from 3,000/day to more than 10,000. We brought the blog onto the mainstream radar by having our content picked-up from publications such as Forbes, WIRED, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and the Times of India.

I honed in on a content mix that resonated with a wider audience, as well as on social media and in search results. In addition to commentary and analysis, I added interviews with thought leaders, book- and product reviews, humor, how-to articles and top-X lists. By broadening both the types of articles that appeared in Business Pundit and extending the range of topics covered, the blog grew and exceeded expectations by syndicating with international news outlets.



client: Minyanville
date: 2010-present
role: writing feature
articles on
business history,
finance and investing,
food, profiles,
and technology

Minyanville.com is an Emmy®-award winning content and community platform that seeks to raise the level of financial understanding of its audience. A fast-growing site with more than 1.3 million unique visitors, Minyanville provides audiences with a rich base of feature- and financial articles.

I’ve written a number of articles for Minyanville.com. Topics have included secondary markets, commentary on T.V. shows and even a review of Taco Bell’s new food offerings.



client: GoodData
date: 2012-present
role: writing,
creative direction
for content,
case studies,
white papers,
press releases

GoodData is a burgeoning San Francisco-based tech company that offers a cloud-based data analysis platform for businesses. More than 6,000 companies, such as Shazaam and Time Warner Cable, use GoodData’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to turn their data into actionable insights.

I work closely with GoodData’s marketing team to create incredible content. The bulk of my efforts are focused on the GoodData blog, which features a mixture of thought leadership, educational and interview articles. As a result of my partnership with GoodData, the company has been able provide a growing content base that is generating a significant increase in traffic. GoodData continues to gain acknowledgement as an expert in the big data space and our content from the blog has been picked up by a number of publications, including Forbes.



client: oDesk
date: 2011
role: writing monthly
survey reports,
magazine articles),
press releases

With 3.1 million contractors and 1.5 million jobs posted in 2012, oDesk is one of the world’s biggest websites that matches service contractors with people who need help. I wrote a number of survey reports for the company, as well as press releases. Bylines were regularly placed in leading business commentary outlets.