drea’s blogging

client: Business Pundit
date: 2008-2011
role: content
editorial direction,
social media,
content strategy

Business Pundit is a business blog that covers everything from marketing tips to economic corruption. Between 2008-2011, I was in charge of content production and editorial direction for the blog. Tasked with creating and curating better content, we grew our visitor base from 3,000/day to more than 10,000. We brought the blog onto the mainstream radar by having our content picked-up from publications such as Forbes, WIRED, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and the Times of India.

I honed in on a content mix that resonated with a wider audience, as well as on social media and in search results. In addition to commentary and analysis, I added interviews with thought leaders, book- and product reviews, humor, how-to articles and top-X lists. By broadening both the types of articles that appeared in Business Pundit and extending the range of topics covered, the blog grew and exceeded expectations by syndicating with international news outlets.



client: GoodData
date: 2012-present
role: writing,
creative direction
for content,
case studies,
white papers,
press releases

GoodData is a burgeoning San Francisco-based tech company that offers a cloud-based data analysis platform for businesses. More than 6,000 companies, such as Shazaam and Time Warner Cable, use GoodData’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to turn their data into actionable insights.

I work closely with GoodData’s marketing team to create incredible content. The bulk of my efforts are focused on the GoodData blog, which features a mixture of thought leadership, educational and interview articles. As a result of my partnership with GoodData, the company has been able provide a growing content base that is generating a significant increase in traffic. GoodData continues to gain acknowledgement as an expert in the big data space and our content from the blog has been picked up by a number of publications, including Forbes.



client: Blogger.com
date: 2003-2005
role: Blogger

I worked at Google and was able to take on a number of exciting responsibilities.

As Blogger Coordinator, I directed the writing team for Blogger Support and trained new coordinators. I wrote an external marketing campaign for bloggers entitled 101 Ways to Use Your Blog. I also created a large internal Blogger ad campaign and managed legal and policy issues for Blogger.com. In addition, I managed an extensive customer support knowledge base and supported Blogger clients by troubleshooting technical issues in both German and English.

As AdWords Coordinator, I provided customized support to clients, such as NPR and NexTag, so that they could optimize their advertising efforts. I also helped them troubleshoot existing advertising campaigns, specifically by resolving technical, billing and ROI problems. I optimized the ad copy and keywords for clients as well.