biotech writing

project: Tensegrity
date: 2009-2011
role: Crafted applications
for science awards,
wrote an article
about their breakthrough
technology and press

Tensegrity Prosthetics is the company behind the K3 Promoter, a new kind of prosthetic foot that provides comfort, ease, and stability for amputees. With humanlike joints, responsiveness, and range of motion, the K3 Promoter has been scientifically demonstrated to improve walking efficiency by 12%. Amputees can walk more confidently on rough ground, stairs, and slopes while reducing the risk of falling.

I’ve worked with Tensegrity to craft press releases, write a contest application summing up, in technical language, the company’s research, and covered Tensegrity in a blogging capacity. Tensegrity has been featured in Popular Science magazine and a grant from the National Institutes of Health.


project: Eggsurance
date: 2012
role: Wrote press
releases for a
women’s health startup
and bylines

Eggsurance is a knowledge resource community network and blog devoted to extending womens fertility. A new option for women who aren’t ready to have children until their late 30s or 40s, egg freezing is increasingly being used as an ‘insurance policy’ against infertility by women who think now isn’t the time for kids. I wrote a bylined article and press release for the launch of the Eggsurance website.