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Colorado Floods: How to Show Support

I’m excited that Salon chose to publish my op-ed on the Colorado floods about the indifferent reactions I experienced, initially, to the news. Media numbness aside, the Colorado community has come together in amazing ways during this disaster. First responders, friends, family, neighbors, volunteers, nonprofit workers, businesses: THANK YOU for continuing to jump in and help. You’re making recovery happen.

Since it’s now clean-up time, I wanted to list some helpful resources.

Andi O’Conor has excellent tips on how to help disaster survivors.

If you can offer hands-on help and donations, the Boulder Flood Relief Facebook page is an awesome resource.

If you have a room in your home or can take a pet, visit the Colorado Flood Temporary Homes Facebook page.

Here’s a list of organizations that are accepting donations.

GoFundMe is a great site for crowdfunded donations; fundraising efforts for Lyons and Jamestown are already underway.

The Colorado Office of Emergency Management has statewide updates.

Please let me know what else to add, as I know there are tons of relief efforts right now.

And thanks to everyone who checked in!